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Hubert Gallery is proud  to present The City Abstracted featuring the work of Dennis  Campay, Paul Chojnowski, Tom Christopher, Valerio D'Ospina, Alicia Dubnyckyj, Geoffrey Johnson and Jeremy Mann.

Since the beginning  of  the  twentieth  century, artists  have been captivated  by the wonder  that  is New York; its  towering  skyscrapers,  bustling  streets  and  divergent  neighborhoods are  just a few of  many  attractions that  have inspired  a creative  response.  Today, as  New  York  evolves in  both  structure  and  identity, artists continue  to be drawn to New York for many of  the same reasons  that inspired  past generations.  \X!hile the visual  complexity   of   the   city  can  often   be  a  daunting   subject   to  approach,   each  of   the  artists   in The City Abstracted responds  to the metropolis  in a unique and thought-provoking manner.

The  gallery is very pleased  to introduce  the work  of  two young,  talented  artists, Jeremy Mann  and  Valerio D'Ospina. Mann's painterly works are darkly romantic, moody and mysterious. He often draws inspiration from the city at night, particularly when lights glitter off  wet pavement.  Mann uses staining techniques  and an ink brayer to create diaphanous  cityscapes, evoking the impression of a scene more than the details. D'Ospina takes us high above the city, with straight, forceful lines and dramatic viewpoints. He renders a bird's-eye view of  the metropolis, revealing a powerful city through  the heights of its splendid skyscrapers.

Tom  Christopher, a veteran  painter  of  New  York, captures  the  dynamic  energy  of  Times  Square  through his   expressionist   color   palette   and   gestural   brushstrokes;  while   Alicia  Dubnyckyj's   sleek,  geometric paintings rise above the clamor of  the urban streets with twinkling views of bridges and skyscrapers. Paul Chojnowski evokes the nighttime glamour and romance of New York in his deftly created torch drawings. Dennis Campay's paintings  capture  the  unique  character  of  Greenwich  Village with  surprising  details and  textures drawn and carved in graphite, charcoal and plaster. Longtime gallery artist, Geoffrey Johnson, evokes the mood and atmosphere of the city. Using elegant, monochromatic hues, Johnson suggests form and figures, lending an air of  anonymity, reflection and contemplation to his paintings.

The City Abstracted reveals a great diversity of imagery from these seven accomplished  artists in response to the amazing metropolis  that is New York, a city that will never cease to allure and inspire artists to create works of singular vision, depth and meaning.



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